a note to people who enjoy this site - thanks! i spent a lot of time on it! i love punk! i love boston! i hate gentrification! most of the venues on this site aren't venues anymore! i scanned all my flyers and was unsure what to do with them, so i decided to show everybody and find more that i didnt have to paint a weird and wacky portrait of the punk scene in boston, warts and fucking all, since around the time i started going to shows/knew what the scene was about. if you want to contribute flyers/know of shows, which is more than welcome, you can scan them and email them to me or i can meet u in person and you give me the flyers and i scan and return them to you. if you see a broken link, it will be fixed sooner than ya think. <3 <3 <3
a note to cops/nazis/haters/gentrifiers/etc, please die!!
2018 baby!!!!!
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i do not endorse or back any band or venue on here more than any others. i represent myself, a gay townie freak. i am aware that many of the bands listed have fucking horrible people as members, or certain venues were run by less or more shitty people than others. to be honest with you i fucking hate some bands that are listed. however, these shows did happen, people played with and booked bands, people went to these shows in a time period and a scene that probably doesnt exist anymore and i'm not going to censor the past, and i want everybody to see the facts for themselves and judge for themselves who people choose to do business with.

hey you like this site? punk? hardcoreeee??? zines???? boston??? flyers??? i bet you do! anyway, my computer has shit the bed so if you want to see anymore updates gimme money lol cuz im brooooooooke and i cant make updates with no computer lol!!

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also attention boston - keep an eye out for the secret miracle demo !!!